finding faith, finding home: reflections after oxford

after two years of being back in east london, i finally returned to oxford a week ago to graduate. it was a strange feeling, to go back to a place that i was so grateful for and yet so relieved to have left behind. despite the ceremony involving multiple colleges, subjects, and degrees, i was… Continue reading finding faith, finding home: reflections after oxford

five muslim women’s podcasts to add to your playlist

a few years ago, in a desperate attempt to regain some time and mental peace, i deleted most of my social media accounts. removing the 24/7 access to global news and other people's social lives has definitely been worth it, and i've found a lot of benefit in embracing more silence in my everyday life.… Continue reading five muslim women’s podcasts to add to your playlist

slow living as a spiritual exercise

since the pandemic, it seems like a lot of us have begun to re-evaluate the pace of our lives. more people than ever are changing jobs, and even careers, in search of more time with family, more fulfilment, and more room for pursuits outside of work. one idea that's gained popularity over the past two… Continue reading slow living as a spiritual exercise